What kind of a book are you thinking of?

Whether you are envisioning one of the next autumn’s debuts from your publishing house or the saga of your family, I can design your publication so that it will be both functional and arresting.

I have concentrated on book design for a long time. Now it is time to head for a farewell tour towards the next summer. After that I will leave books out of my repertoire.

During this spring, you will still have time to get your book project completed with a design that I will pour all my joy into. Naturally you can print and publish it later.

You can have a look on different options in this pricelist. Below you will find my contact info, and there is a selection of previous book designs in my portfolio. Please do contact me so that you can make sure your coming book will be thoughtfully designed down to its innermost core.

Aleksi Salokannel · Sisin

P. S. As the spring advances, I will write about my work and about the publishing world in this blog. You can subscribe to a mailing list to receive blog notifications: